Hawks, Doves and Israeli Politicians

Israeli Air Force F-15 fighter jets fly in formation with a Boeing refuelling tanker (REUTERS)

My new Op-ed in Jerusalem Post talks about the classic IR dilemma of doves and hawks. In a time of war-mongering and saber-rattling leading up to violence and hostilities, doves are often silenced and accused of being traitors, while hawks are often emboldened. As a result, the prospects for victory and success of the use of force is often over-estimated, while risks and costs are underestimated. History (not so distant) teaches us that this tends to lead to use of force that is badly planned and lacking an exit strategy. This article describes the dilemma that is currently facing Israel’s top politicians, Ehud Barak, and Benyamin Netanyahu, as they consider the country’s strategy towards Iran.

Two errors appear in the article:
Obviously, Paul Wolfewitz was the deputy secretary of defense (Editor mistake)
The article by Ronen Bergman was in New York Times Magazine (error was mine)

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