Tova Norlen (author)

Tova Norlen is a visiting scholar at the Johns Hopkins University School of International Studies (SAIS) in Washington, DC where she has previously served as an adjunct professor. She has a Ph.D. in international relations and conflict management from SAIS, and has worked for several years teaching International relations and related subjects in colleges in Southern California and Washington, DC. Her current research focusing on issues relating to international security, Middle East/Israel, conflict management, bargaining and negotiation, and US foreign policy. She is the recipient of numerous fellowships and awards, most recently the 2011-2013 Transatlantic Post doctoral Fellowship in International Relations and Security (TAPIR), which has allowed her to spend time as a visiting fellow at the European Union Institute for Security Studies in Paris (2011-2012), and at the Center for Security Studies in Zurich (2012). She regularly publishes articles and opinion pieces about Middle East, Israel and US foreign policy, and is working on a book on territorial conflicts and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, which will be published with the University of Georgia Press.


2 thoughts on “Tova Norlen (author)

  1. Paul Collins

    I wish that your excellent website had a “Contact US” button as I would like to contact you. I had a most interesting discussion on a Ryanair flight from Sweden to Stansted on Wednesday evening. Regards, Paul C.

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